Behavioral Health Policy Manuals

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Save Administrator Time

tick markPolicies formatted for easy editing
tick markTime-consuming cross-checking minimized
tick markAll pertinent sections included
tick markExpanded suggested procedures

Improve Training & Policy Compliance

tick markConsistent education and collaboration
tick markCoherent and easy to use format
tick markComprehensive index to assist staff compliance
tick markDigital format for effortless portability
tick markUpdates available when rules change

"I have written my own manuals for the last twenty years despite being told that yours are the only way to go. So many colleagues have shared how it makes things so much easier and eliminates the guess work. Sadly, I tend to be a glutton for punishment and have made life more complicated as a result..but I try to live with no regrets. I’m grateful to have bought your manuals and appreciate your help getting me through this process."
- Executive Director

Our Policy Manuals

Lanstat Incorporated publishes policy manuals to help you get a head start on meeting Washington State regulatory requirements. Our Administrative, Personnel and Clinical manuals contain the necessary sections for Washington Administrative Code 246-341. Residential (RTF) substance abuse disorder manuals include WAC 246-337.

To ensure your new manuals are ready, all you need to do is review all sections to add or modify procedures that show how your actual agency meets each policy and you're done! More details can be found on the FAQ page and in each product description.

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