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WAC 388-877 Program Manuals

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Opening a new agency or updating your old manuals? Want to save time and money?

Lanstat Incorporated publishes program manuals to meet Washington State regulatory requirements. Your manuals arrive complete and ready-to-use without the countless hours needed to revise and proofread a boilerplate outline. Behavioral Health manuals meet the requirements of Washington Administrative Code 388-877, 877A, 877B and 877C. Our residential (RTF) substance abuse manuals include WAC 246-337. We also have the manual for Domestic Violence. To ensure your new manuals are ready for DBHR, complete the easy guidelines we send, review all sections to make sure the policies and procedures match actual agency practice and you're done!

Administrative, Personnel and Clinical Manuals contain a consistent and easy-to-use format and a comprehensive index. The service areas are combined into to one set of administrative, personnel and clinical manuals. 

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Effective Case Records for Substance Abuse Disorders

A must have for clinical practice! Since our first edition of Patient Records and Addiction Treatment in 1996, the substance abuse disorder treatment field continues to undergo changes that affect the contents of this book. In an effort to include information that assists students and practitioners to use best practices, we have substantially revised and retitled this book. Our format integrates current information and research, principles of sound clinical practice and practical experience.